Training Options

Private & semi-private lessons

Private & semi-private lessons are available on request. The location and dates are determined when you call to reserve training. A training program is designed for you to work on your specific needs throughout your training.  Private $250; 2 Riders – $225 each; 3 riders – $200 each; 4 riders –  $175 each

Call Toll Free (877) 883-7260 or (719) 495-2624


Two ,Three-Day & Four day Camps – Colorado Springs, CO – Enrollment limited to 10 Students –
Two day camp $395
Three day camp $550
Four day camp is $650
Bike Rental & Food and Lodging Available

Foreign students are welcome!

I have worked with numerous riders from around the world…Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Iceland, England, Yugoslavia/Slovenia, Ecuador, Peru, Japan, United Emirates, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Cypress, the Caribbean, etc. All students are welcomed into our home, and treated as part of our family. Training programs are designed individually for their specific needs.


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