About Us

In My Class

In my classes, I work with the riders to make sure they are learning the techniques and applying them properly on the track. This not only helps them achieve their goal of being a better rider, but also gives them the confidence they need to go faster and improve their finishes.

My extensive experience in Motocross & Supercross training provides the knowledge needed for everyone of my students to excel in their riding or racing, no matter if they are a beginner or an expert. I have over 30 years of experience working with a lot of the top riders in the sport including some of today’s stars – Dungey, Roczen, Villopoto, Short, Seeley, Weimer, Tickle, Wil & Tommy Hahn, Josh & Justi Hill, Tedesco, Alessi, and my son, Josh Hansen

Who I am

I have a proven reputation within the motocross industry not only for being a Motocross and Supercross Champion, but also for training former and current top pros from the amateur level on up to the professional level.